Choi Woolga

Choi Wool-Ga

1993 Ecole Boulle, National Decorative Art School (Paris, France)
1994 Ecole des Beaux Arts de Versailles (France)

Solo Exhibition

2013 Gallery Absainthe (Seoul)

Gallery HO (New York)

Gallery 101 (Seoul)

2012 Yace Gallery (newyork)
2011 crossing art gallery (newyok)

Boundo gallery (daegu)

Korea tomorrow (seoul)

2009 Gallery, Shirota, (Tokyo)

Korea tomorrow (seoul)

2006 Invitation (Lines Found from Black and White), gallery “joun”(Seoul)

Invitation, gallery “PC”(Seoul)

2005 Gallery Jean Art Center Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

Invitation, gallery “M” (Daegoo)

2004 Invitation (Lines Found in Cave Wall Paintings), gallery”Kita (Nara)

Solo exhibition, “KIAF” kita gallery (Seoul)

2003 Invitation gallery commemoration “Foe” (Busan)
2002 Exhibition of America experience, invited by Chicago Bank, (Chicago)
2001 Invited by Gallery 220,( New York)

Invitation (Primitivism Which Should Be Explored with Lines), gallery “Kita” (Nara)

1999 Invited by New York Modern Art Gallery, (New York)
1998 Invitationat Gallery, Museum Kameke, (Berlin)

Invitation Exhibition at Reu_Dex Gallery, (Kyoto)

Invitation Exhibition at Kirin Plaza Art Museum,( Osaka)

1997 Invitation Exhibition   Asahi Broadcasting &ABC Gallery,(Osaka)
1996 Invitation Exhibition at Gallery Saint Charles Rose, (Paris) gallery “May” (Seoul)
1994 gallery ‘Espace Keller (Paris)

Invitation Exhibition at Gallery Espace Kelle(Paris)

Invitation,gallery “Muehei” (Budapest)

1993 collective exhibition art croissy (Paris)

collective exhibition Beaux-Art (Paris)

gloup exhibition art Plus art (Paris)

gallery “In”   (Seoul)

gallery “Muehei” (Budapest)

1991 gallery “dongA (Seoul)


Group Exhibition

2013 KIAF (Seoul)
2011 six sens (newyork)

KIAF (seoul)

art faire (daegu)

2010 sweet & strong (seoul)

Spontaneous, Space Womb Gallery (newyork)

If You See Nothing Say Something , The Invisible Dog art center (newyork)

Kiaf (seoul)

“Six senses” The space   gallery (newyork)

“Collage of Memories – Korean Contemporary Art”Soka Art Center (Bajing)

2009 KIAF (seoul)
2008 Choi WoolGa & Robert Combas Dual Exbibition, gallery, Seoul


2008,2007Art Export (New York)

Taiwan Art Fair (Taipei)

2007 Miami International Art Fair (Miami)

Taiwan Art Fair (Taipei)

Seoul Three Boxes, UNCgallery, (Seoul)

2006-2007 Shanghai International Art Fair.(Shanghai)
2005 Newcollection,,National,Modern,Art,Museum(Gwachun)

“Boxes”   Exhibition, Wadakuchi museum, invited (Kyoto)

“Interesting museum”, Kyeognam Provincial Museum, invited

2004 “Boxes” Exhibition, Wadakuchi museum, invited (Kyoto)

“The Boxes” Exhibition, star poets gallery (Tokyo)

2001 Koln Art Fair (Koln)
2000 Invitation (Limit of Primitive Expression), gallery “Modern Art”   (New York)
1998 “A clock” exhibition, Kobe Comtemporary Museum (Kobe)
1997 Art fair Fiac&Saga (Paris)

Good artist, Kyoto city museum (Kyoto)

1995 collective exhibition D, automne pour le tableautin (Paris)

Association vill de Fresnes salon de nobember (Paris)

1992 (A Sense of Africa), gallery “ever” (Paris)

Invitation (A Primitive Sense), gallery “espace keller25”   (Paris)

gallery everart “Wall Winter” (Paris)

gallery naslte “art plus art” (Paris)

1991 gallery akie aricci 3 Person (Paris)

collective exhibition D,automne (Paris)

*1994   First pictorial published.

*2000   Painting Diary published

*2005   Second pictorial “nouvau sauvage” published.

*2004   “Choi Woolga Is Not A Crying Boy,” written by Kim Yun-bae