Kim ByungTae

Signals from Emptiness

Reflections by Byung Tae Kim explores Nature not just as form of art but as a medium of conveying fundamental oriental philosophy. The adage of less is more rings ever more true with shot after shot of vast expanse skies, vividly empty landscape and silent, still silhouettes. Yet to the discerning mind, to the searching soul, these spatial interrelationships superimposed on delicate compositions of landscape, flora and fauna throb with energy. They resonate with cognition and undulate with emotion. Captured by this serenity, Kim has visited the same place time and again for the last two decades, savoring the ambiance, taking in the atmosphere.

Reflections depicts not so much excursions out to the wild as it does incursions into the soul. It shows a natural outlet for emptying oneself – a pathway to clearing the mind, cleansing the spirit and unburdening the heart. It depicts a means to let loose the imagination, light as a spore, to soar high with the wind into the azure skies and to sweep low across the wide grasslands unhindered, no place out of reach. In doing thus, one comes to see that freedom, order and comfort are inherent in nature. More importantly, in the lull and emptiness – in the silence and solitude – one is unified with nature. One identifies with a shared language inherent to all in existence, a resounding hum permeating all space, echoing across eons from the beginning of time when nothing existed yet everything began. The mystery of this – the profoundness of it – is left to one’s own interpretation. For us at the Nairobi National Museum, we are glad to have been able to host and present such a thought provoking body of work, and to be a part of the process of sharing these truly intriguing insights with the world.

Lydia Gatundu Galavu Curator of Contemporary Art, Nairobi National Museum


Kim Byung Tae


  • Born in Daegu, Korea
  • Lives in Nairobi, Kenya

Solo Exhibitions

2008 – 2013

Wild Emotions – Tokyo, Miyagi, Gunma, Yokohama, Nagoya, Ibaraki, Morioka in Japan


Wild Emotions – Seoul Arts Centre, Seoul, Korea


Wild Emotions – Daegu Culture & Arts Centre, Daegu, Korea

Wild Emotions – Gallery 1, Shinjuku Park Tower, Tokyo, Japan


Reflections Nairobi National Museum, Nairobi, Kenya


Roam Free Soho Photo Gallery, New York, USAGroup Exhibitions & Art Fair2017


Asia Contemporary Art Show Conrad, Hong Kong

Singapore Contemporary Art Show Suntec, Singapore

Keorea International Photo Festival Seoul Arts Center, Seoul


Pouvoir de la Photographie Galerie 89, Paris

Photography Spectrum Hanbyukwon Gallery, SeoulPublications


Wild Emotions, 2014

Wild Emotions, 2015

Reflections, 2016