Nampyo Kim

Born in 1970, Seoul, Korea

Works and lives in Seoul

2006   M.F.A., Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul

1998   B.F.A., Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul


Solo Exhibitions

2022  JEJU FANTASY, Khalifa gallery, Seoul

2022   Painting JEJUDO, Kyobo Art Space, Seoul

2021   Malerisch meditation, Museum DAH, Busan

CASTIE, gallery now, Seoul

2020   Gumgill, aif lounge and HORI art space, Seoul

2019   Stopping for a while at 50, Gana Busan, Busan

2018   Insatant Landscape – Goosebumps, Atelier Aki, Seoul

2017   Insatant Landscape – Sensitive Construction, Allmeartspace, Seoul

Insatant Landscape – Goosebumps,Gana Art Center, Seoul

2016   Inward Thoughts, PiaLux Art Sphere, Seoul

2015   Fingertip-scape, a route, Seoul

2014   Phantasmagoria – The route of sense, Insaartcenter, Seoul

2013   Instant Landscape – Traveler, Seoul Auction, Seoul

2010   My Art is My World _ Encounter of the Two Worlds, Kim Nam-Pyo & Ji Yong-Ho, Gana Art

Center, Seoul

2009   Instant Landscape, Gana Art NY, New York

Instant Landscape, Goozee Gallery, Daegu

Instant Landscape, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam

2008   Instant Landscape, Gallery IHN, Seoul

2007   Instant Landscape, Gallery HYUNDAI-Window Gallery, Seoul

Instant Landscape, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam

2005   Stopping for a While, Vinyl Gallery, Seoul

1999   1st Solo Exhibition, Woonggeon Gallery, Seoul

TENT (Nampyo kim+Yoondujin)

2016   2st‘TENT’, space ikki, Seoul

2015   1st‘TENT’, gallery purple, Gyeonggi




Duo Exhibitions

2021   [SA;I],  Nampyo kim+Yoondujin, THEO gallery, Seoul

2018   ‘Touchable Scene’ Nampyo,kim++Jongseok, yoon, Gana Art Park, Gyeonggi

2017   ‘Imagine-The guard of illusion and existence’ (Nampyo kim+Koo Egene), Lina Gallery, Seoul

2016   ‘AndrogynyⅢ’ (Nampyo kim+Kang Junyoung), Atelier Aki, Seoul


Group Exhibitions

2022   ‘Binary Medium’, Gana art bokwang, Seoul

Amulet, gallery won, Seoul

2021   Spielraum x Phytology, Museum SAN, Wonju

2021 Residency Festa, Gyeongju Arts Center, Gyeongju

2020   Lifetime Long with Art, BODYFRIEND Company, Seoul

ENDLESS : Extended sight, Atelier Aki, Seoul

2019   ‘Six men-petty craftsmanship’,Gana insaart center, Seoul

‘Peace-become one’, Odusan unification tower, Gyeonggi

2018   ‘Atelier by the museum’, Gana Art Park, Gyeonggi

‘Gangwon, The story’, Gangneung Art Center, Gangneung

‘New Wave’, BNK artgallery, Busan

2017   2017Atelier Story, Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul

Painting on Paintings, BNK Kyongnam Bank Gallery, Kyongnam

Rabbit Hole, between Reality and Fantasy, LOTTE Gallery, Gyeonggi

100Albums 100Artist, Avenuel Art Hall, Seoul

2016   Unfamiliar Feeling, Naesorak Mountain Art Museum, Kangwon-do

Art & Flower collaboration, NAM.K art gallery, Seoul

Breath of Forest, Incheon Shinsegae Gallery, Incheon

Prologue, 640art tower gallery, Seoul

‘Androgyny’, Atelier Aki, Seoul

2015    ‘Dowon’, Atelier Aki, Seoul

‘Hositamtam’, Korea university museum, Seoul

Paris-Daily temptations, seoul art center, Seoul

OCEANUS K-ART oceanus arthall, Pusan

2014    Material Magic, ilwoospace, Seoul

2013    Residing in private place, Atelier Aki, Seoul

journey in the book, gallery PURPLE, Gyeonggi

Residing in private places, Atelier Aki, Seoul

Primavera, Amway Museum, Gyeonggi

Contemporary Age: 30 years with artists, Gana Art Center, Seoul

Art by MKZ, Beyond Museum, Seoul

Cool Running, Lotte gallery, Seoul

2012    Comtemporary? Comtemporary!, Atelier Aki, Seoul

Healing Camp, Gana Atelier Resident Artists Report, Gana Art Center, Seoul

Unrealistic Zoo: Art Safari in Lotte, Lotte gallery, Gyeonggi

2011    ArtForte, Gana Art Center, Seoul

Fashion into art, PLATEAU, Seoul

Animalier, Coreana Museum of Art, space*c, Seoul

Art Wave, atelier aki in versace, Seoul

Paranoid Scene, Interallia Art Company, Seoul

Fusion, OCI Museum of Art, Seoul

Mr,Rabbit in Art Land, Gyeonggi Museum of Morden Art, Gyeonggi

Museum Safari, Cube Museum, Seongnam Art Center, Gyeonggi

2010    Multi Effect, Gallery Ihn, Seoul

MY ROOM OUR ATELIER, Gana Art Center, Seoul

MAYBLOSSOM, Gana Art Center, Seoul

2009   Like Yves Saint Laurent, Gallery Artside, Seoul

Dissonant Visions, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

From Yeonhui-dong, YHD Projects, Seoul

Chuang-tzu and Butterfly, Gana Art Gangnam, Seoul

Chocolate-box, Jang Heung Art Park, Jang Heung

2008    KAMI’s Choice: The Soul of Korean Contemporary Art, Insa Art Center, Seoul

Real Illusions, Gana Art NY, New York

First Step: New Art from Korea, Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing

First Step: New Art from Korea, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore

2007   ’37 31’N 126 58’E Seoul”, Archeus Gallery, London

One+One, Gallery Touchart, Heyri Art Valley, Paju

Art AuctionShow, COEX, Seoul

F-estival, Gallery Skape, Seoul

From Korea, Gallery LM, Seoul

2006   The Reopening Exhibition, Gallery Skape, Seoul

Tomorrow – The Collaborations, Soma Museum of Art, Seoul

May Show, Gallery Skape, Seoul

2003   Uncanny- Unfamiliar, Gallery La Mer, Seoul
2002   Korea-China Exchange Exhibition, Beijing University, Beijing
History & Consciousness- Dokdo, S.N.U. Museum, Seoul

2001  South/North & Alienation, HelloArt Gallery, Seoul
Vision 21, Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul


Art Fairs

2019   Art Busan, Busan

Art Central, Hong Kong

2018   KIAF, COEX, Seoul

Art Busan, Busan

Art Central, Hong Kong

2017   Art Busan, Busan

2016   Start art fair, London

Art Busan, Busan

Singapore Contemporary Art Show, Singapore

Context Miami, 미국

2015   Start art fair, London

Art stage, Singapore


2014   Abu Dhabi Art, United Arab Emirates

2013   TEFAF, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Abu Dhabi Art 2013, United Arab Emirates

Art Taipei 2013, Taipei, Taiwan

2012   Abu Dhabi Art 2012, United Arab Emirates


Hong Kong International Art Fair, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

GallerySeoul2012, Galleria Foret, Seoul

Art stage, Singapore

2011   KIAF, coex, Seoul

Art Amsterdam, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam

Hong Kong International Art Fair, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

TEFAF, Maastricht, The Netherlands

2010   KIAF, COEX, Seoul

Hong Kong International Art Fair, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

ARCO, Madrid, Spain

2008   Pan Amsterdam, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam

Art Amsterdam, Gallery Skape, Amsterdam

Bridge Art Fair, Gallery Touchart, New York

Blue Dot Asia, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul

55 Contemporary Artists, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul

2007   Asia Contemporary Art Fair, Gallery Touchart, New York

The Affordable Art Fair, London

Chungdam Art Fair, Eugene Gallery, Seoul

Art Rotterdam, Canvas International Art, Rotterdam

2006   Art Beijing, Gallery Hyundai, Beijing

Art Amsterdam, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam

Company Makk

(Stage Design)

2005  , Deresa Choi Dance Company, Seoul Arts Center, Towol Theater, Seoul

, Deresa Choi Dance Company, National Theater of Korea, Main hall- HAE, Seoul

2004 Opening Exhibition of Vinyl Gallery, , Vinyl Gallery, Seoul
, Chohung Gallery, Seoul
, Sungok Art Museum, Seoul
2003 Project 4 , Maebong Tunnel, Seoul

2002 Project 3 , Jangchung Middle School, Seoul
Project 2 , Traveling Exhibition, Songjeon Primary School,

Seoul, Korea. Stone&Water Gallery, Anyang
2001 Project 1 ,Bangbae-dong Reconstruction Area, Seoul

2000 Organized “Company Makk”


Video Shows

2004 Seoul Fringe Festival – The 4th Removal, Theatre Choo, Seoul
New Media Art Festival – Bourgeois, Ilju Art House, Seoul

2003 3rd Indy Video Festival – The 4th Removal, Ilju Art House, Seoul



Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Art Bank, Seou l(Tree times)

Sungnam Art Foundation, Sungnam

Suwon Ipark Museum of Art, Suwon

Daegu Museum, Daegu


Arts Council Foundation Award

Gold Medal, National University Art Exhibition

Gold Medal, Creative Art Association