Lee Hwabaek

Lee Hwabaek

BFA, Surikov Moscow State Art Institute, Russia

MFA, Surikov Moscow State Art Institute, Russia

MA, Surrey Institute of Art, England

8th Solo Shows

2014 – Still scape, Khalifa gallery, Seoul

2013 – Reload, Gallery 192, Seoul

2010 – Gloria, UM Gallery, Seoul

2007 – Rhapsody, UM Gallery, Seoul

2007 – Lost in Translations, Sejung Art Center, Seoul

2005 – Roots, Sejung Art Center, Seoul

2005 – Retrospective, Indeco Gallery, Seoul

2002 – Radio to drink, Gallery Godo, Seoul

Over 100 Group Shows

– Singapore Contemporary Art Show, Singapore

– Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

– Fountain Art fair, New York

– Great pop Artist 20, Kumsan Gallery, Seoul

– Virtual Vision, Gallery the K

– Easy Art, Seoul Auction

– Indeco Gallery, Seoul

– Sight, SP Gallery, Seoul

– Innuendo, UM Gallery , Seoul

– Art Singapore, Singapore

– Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan

– 4 Nations, Arthouse Gallery, London, England

– A2K, St. John’s Gallery, Brussels, Belgium




Born in Seoul, Korea


Studies at St.John’s International School in Belgium.

Taught by Art Teacher “Andre Tuner”, Travels acoss the Europe.


Studies in Moscow state art institute named after Surikov .

Visit London and Paris annually , Sees works of contemporary art of Russian academism , Germen expressionism, British pop art , Taught by Tatiana Nazarenko and meet friend artist Mitsha

Tries to organize the style of painting.

Completes commissioned book of “history of Russian Art” by Samsung co.

Begins a series of oil painting of bars, nudes and ballet , working extensively and starts indulge in girls , books, alcohol.


First 3mam exhibition at St.John’s international school gallery in waterloo, Belgium


Early graduation of excellent in M.F.A

Moves to Seoul

First solo shows at gallery godo, Seoul

Work on a commission for books “medical anatomy”


Moves to London after having several times of exhibitions.

Takes M.A course at Surrey institute of Art in England

Begins to research on mix of British pop art and expressionism, and get rid of Russian colors

Visits Ireland 3 times and friend’s wedding, where gets the idea of “after the wedding” series to experiment on new compositions, tries to stifle a each figure’s individuality to make figurative painting as landscape or still life


Returns to Seoul, starts “wedding””picnic” series and writes critics, reviews on Art magazines with pen name called “Lee Wha Baek” , and takes a pen name as a artist’s name


First retrospective exhibition at indeco gallery Seoul

Makes an appearance at national radio shows, magazines and news papers


Participates in 10~15 groups shows every year

Signed an exclusive contract with UM gallery in Seoul

5th solo show at UM gallery and is a sell out

Makes 30 pieces of reinterpretation works after Roy Lichtenstein’s “happy tears” as “happy runny nose” after sells out through the exhibitions and actions, then call off the pop art style of painting to refuse to call himself as a pop artist

Engrafts landscapes with figurative painting as a results of “an avenue” “M” series

Declared separation with UM gallery after 4 years of working together , had year left contract


Stops the show and painting after Participating couple contracted exhibitions

Begins to study of compositions of figures and still life , finishes 8 painting in 3 year

“St James Gate” “The Bigger Ringing” came out as 2 years of result


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