Shin Jungjae


Buried in glass tombs 展


Artist Statement

By Jungjae Shin

If I gathered some of the things that I’ve been dreaming of, and then classified them in the same way according to their appearance, this act alone would reveal the fundamental core of my work. Basically all the world’s living creatures have been given their own scientific designation based on their biological features. These traits have been systematized to further our understanding. In addition, individual species are a subset of a larger Genus which, in turn, is a part of a greater Order. Open as we might be to impartially experiencing the sensory stimulation of our environment, the mind inevitably begins its patterning process in its desire for order. Taxonomy in the field of science takes this need for order to what might seem like an extreme but is the natural outgrowth of our desire to identify, classify and analyze what is in front of us. For example, shoes on store shelves reflect size, color and pattern which are of intense interest for one with a taxonomist’s gaze. For me, the visual impact of a succession of multiple figures with the same patterns, shapes, colors and forms acts as a kind of powerful spell from which there is no release. Likewise, when I stand before a series of objects, I am struck by the effect of the sequence in aggregate, its psychological aspects, powerful vigor, and strangely indefinable definition.

Jungjae Shin


2013 Ph.D. (Painting) Kookmin University, Korea (Present)

2007 M.F.A. (Painting) The City University of New York, Lehman College, U.S.

2003 B.A. (French Literature) Konkuk University, Korea


2014 ‘Buried In Glass Tombs’ Khalifa Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2013 ‘Limbo’ Gallery is, Seoul, Korea

2010 ‘Classification’ Space Womb, New York, U.S.

2009 ‘The Collection’ University of Nebraska, Nebraska, U.S.


2014 ‘International Drawing interface’ Cyart Space, Seoul, Korea

2014 ‘2014 Good morning Art Collection’ Gallery La Mer, Seoul, Korea

2013 ‘Larva with 3D’ KINTEX, Goyang, Korea

2012 ‘Lines Of Sight-Vision 2012’ Gallery Maum, New York, U.S.

2011 ‘5th FILMIDEO’ Index Art Gallery, New Jersey, U.S.

2010 ‘An Evening of Art & Music’ New Jersey Public Library, New Jersey, U.S.

2010 ‘The Appearance’ Riverside Gallery, New Jersey, U.S.

2010 ‘4th FILMIDEO’ Index Art Gallery, New Jersey, U.S.

2010 ‘Collection’ Satipo, Junín, Peru

2009 ‘The Giant Scarab Collection in Amazonian Peru’ ESA, SOLA meeting, Indiana, U.S.

2008 ‘Mariposa’ Tingo María Museum, Huánuco, Peru

2008 ‘Crane Street Studios 2008’ New York, U.S.

2007 ‘Lehman Graduate Art Exhibition’ Lehman College Art Gallery, New York, U.S.


2007 – Present, Jungjae Shin’s ‘WORLD BEETLES’ with Seungjin Kang


2010 Peru Collection, February – March, Peru

2009 Indiana Convention Center, Public Lectures, December, U.S.

2009 Georgia Collection, July, U.S.

2009 Panama Collection, June, Panama

2009 University of Nebraska, Team Scarab Interview, April, U.S.

2009 Peru Collection, January, Peru

2008 Bolivia Collection, June, Bolivia

2008 Peru Collection, May – June, Peru

2007 Korea Collection, August, South Korea

2007 Indonesia Collection, June – July, Indonesia

2007 Japan Research, June, Japan

2007 Ecuador Collection, January, Ecuador

2006 Arizona Collection, September, U.S.

2004 New Hampshire Research, July, U.S.

2003 – 2004 New York Collection & Research, July, U.S.


2013 ‘Jungjae Shin In Larva with 3D’ Yongin-Ilbo, June. 29, Korea

2012 ‘Lines Of Sight – Vision 2012’ Segye-Ilbo, January. 12, U.S.

2010 ‘Korean artists in New York, No. 85’ Korea Daily News, May. 10, U.S.

2010 ‘Chalcosoma chiron in Indonesia’ Econature, October, Korea

2010 ‘Dynastes hercules in Central America’ Insect mania, July, Korea

2010 ‘Collection of Jewel Beetles in Panama’ Insect mania, June, Korea

2010 ‘Team Scarab in University of Nebraska’ Econatrue, May, Korea

2010 ‘Megasoma elaphas in Panama’ Insect mania, May, Korea

2010 ‘Giant Cerambycidae In Amazon Forest’ Insect mania, April, Korea

2010 ‘Megasoma actaeon in Amazon Basin’ Insect mania, March, Korea

2010 ‘Dynastes hercules in Peru’ Insect mania, February, Korea

2009 ‘Collecting giant scarabs in Amazonian Peru’ SOLA Scarab Workers (ESA) December, U.S.

2009 ‘Faculty News’ Hexapod Herald, Volume 21, Number 3, University of Nebraska, May, U.S.


University of Nebraska, Nebraska, U.S.

Tingo María Museum, Huánuco, Peru

web: www.